Was es in Estland so alles gibt...

Ich will hier gar keine grossen Worte machen, sondern einfach Lauri's mail zitieren:
...I`m a happy owner of two MB 220D, from `68 and also `71.
sieht gut aus, der Daimler

...Few Years I was a owner of Ford Fiesta 1,8D 1991.a and that`s why i liked Your name "Fiasko"!...
...You van see, how my dirty Fiasko saved once a solid lady, actually a flying one:)
Ford Fiasko gibt Rolli Starthilfe :-)

...I bought the truck two Years ago from Valga (city on the Latvias border) it is some 300 km from my hometown Tallinn, and then we had a nice trip with my father (I don`t have license for trucks), original top speed of this Gaz 63 is 65km/h but we were driving 50km/h. You can imagine it:)
So, the truck is Russian Gaz 63, build in 1968, on the first photo You can see, how the truck looked like then, when I bought her.
All technical data You can reed from www.autogallery.org.ru. See the "postwar models-gaz." Russians occupied Estland in 1944 after german troops left, so we got lots of different russian car left here, really, on the streets there are only few of them running in these days.
The black car is DKW F7 1938, my father bought it in 1973 still running with original engine`n`stuff. ( 2- stroke 2-cyl. 600cm 18 hp:)
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